Allover Toning and Wellness Center is a fitness spa in which a new method of exercising, without the sweaty exhaustion of normal workouts is introduced. The eight different toning tables available utilize a combination of physical therapy and isometric exercise movements, to create a painless, easy way for men and women of all ages, regardless of health issues or limitations, to firm, tone, strengthen muscles, improve blood circulation and give skin a smooth, tight appearance. 
Every person works at there own endurance level, putting as much effort into each range of motion exercise as they are able. Because of the high number of evenly measured repetitions achieved by using each of the machines, 2 hours a week on these machines is equal to 14 hours of strenuous traditional exercise. Positive results are seen quickly, providing increased motivation to continue. Since the toning tables are motorized, a gentle rhythmic vibration is felt throughout the entire body. This vibration reduces and often completely eliminates cellulite which is unheard of by doing any traditional exercise program. Isometric exercises actually strengthen the internal muscles such as the heart and lungs, providing an even greater health benefit. 
These toning tables are manufactured by Lifetime Wellness Centers Inc to help a person increase flexibility, reduce the appearance of wrinkle lines, flush out water waste, increase energy by bringing a fresh flow of blood and oxygen to major muscle groups, while reducing weight and inches. The tremendous increase in blood circulation that occurs by using these toning tables has helped many people with diabetic neuropathy as well as arthritic therapy. 
This unique exercise system is designed to not only help you feel better and look great, but you will also experience a no stress- no strain program with a relaxing environment, a helpful, knowledgeable, passionate staff, all while giving you the figure you want in just minutes a day, ultimately creating a stronger, healthier, more energetic you.